Tuesday, September 9, 2008

7 years and no itching!!!

Today, September 8th, my husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary!!!  To be completely honest, we can bug the c**p out of one another, but it's a bug I would never exterminate;)  He is the most supportive and kind person I know and loves his family more than I ever dreamed!  I didn't know men like him existed anymore!  Plus he let's me take over rooms in the house with all my sewing stuff:)  He still gets the little closet, I wouldn't dream of taking that from him...not yet anyway!  We went to the mall and got each other gifts, mine was much more expensive, funny how that works out!  And then to a great Italian restaurant in Dallas, Rocco's on McKinney Ave .  It was  the BEST pizza, but they have a great variety of other favorites.  It is BYOB with a great wine store 30 feet away, Vino 100.  So we toasted our 7 years with pizza and wine, which was pretty fitting because we honeymooned in Italy!  Great night, Great 7 years!  Looking forward to a lifetime with the greatest guy alive!

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Kylie B said...

Congrats thats wonderful for you both.
My Hubby and I are just about to have our 5th