Saturday, December 27, 2008

Magabys is Featured on Peanut Butter and Pickles

Peanut Butter & Pickle Reviews
I'm so excited to let you know that I have a 'Review' on Peanut Butter and Pickles Review, a blog about great Mom and Baby finds!!! To see the full review and sign up for the giveaway go to :
You will also see Lacie's sweet baby boy modeling Magaby's cute little Elephant Appliqued Onesie (also available in t-shirts). You can find these at Magabys Boutique for just $12!!
Thank you so much to Lacie at Peanut Butter and Pickles Reviews!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! May God bless your family and friends! May He watch over our Country in the coming years and Bless President Obama and all his decisions for the USA!!! Have a wonderful Holiday! Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Something Super Cute for Baby Boys

Now that I have my own baby boy, I am realizing how difficult it is to find really cute boy clothes!!! So I now have some super cute applique shirts for your 'little man' and mine too:)!!! You can find this and other styles at for just $12 plus shipping. Other styles available include a car, airplane, neck tie, etc. Styles coming soon: lion, giraffe and owl. These come in sizes 3 months to 4t or bigger if you choose! Feel free to visit my Flickr for fabrics to choose from to make a one of a kind tee for that sweet little man in your life at :

The Final BOO HOO at Texas Stadium

It was the final game to ever be played at Texas Stadium and the Cowboys couldn't pull out a win???? What is that all about? "America's Team" was a big disappointment Saturday night, but we had a blast being 'papparazzi'!! My father-in-law has/had a Suite at the stadium since the 70's and we have had many great memories cheering on the 'Boys!!! But Saturday night was even better with all the 'Great Cowboys' and some 'Star Power' as well roaming the halls!! We were like kids in the candy store, especially my husband who grew up LOVING these guys!!! Although we were sad about the loss, we had a GREAT farewell!!!

Some of my Favs: David(my hubby), Jeff Rohrer and Owen Wilson; David, me, Pat Summerall and Cherri Summerall; David, me and Bill Bates; David, me and Billy Joe Dupree!!! My father-in-law is friends with some pretty cool 'Cowboy Greats' that we had the honor to hang out with on Saturday!!!

Good Bye to Texas Stadium....may God watch over His favorite team in the new stadium as He has all these years through 'the hole in the roof" at Texas Stadium:) If you're a FAN, you know what I mean:)

A special Thank You to the family of Stuart Joy.....Stu, you know what I mean:)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Magabys is Featured on

I am so honored for Magabys to be featured on This online magazine is for moms to discuss, blog, find, etc. anything and everything about motherhood!!! Go to the link below for Magabys complete review:

"Mom Fuse was created by moms, for moms.
Mom Fuse is a resource for moms and an online magazine of sorts. We love to feature recipes, give you honest product reviews on products, give lots of things away to our readers, show you some fabulous finds we think you’ll love, help promote moms who own their own business and so much more!"

Monday, December 8, 2008

Join my Baby Childrens Boutique Flickr Discussion and Showcase Group

I am always looking for new ways to showcase my items and just get my name out there to bring in new customers.. So today I started a discussion and showcase group on You can view this group at:
Please feel free to stop by and take a look and PLEASE join Magabys Kid-ture Boutique Group to post your creation pics and get more exposure!!! Or just find some great buys for the holidays!!!!!
You do have to have a Flickr account to join, but it's super easy and FUN!!!

Hope to see you there!!!

I would also enjoy hearing about and sharing 'how to's' from all those crafty people that enjoy sharing their knowledge!!!!

I have already uploaded some of my creations to share. If you see something you like that you think you can do yourself, just post a discussion and I will be more than happy to share all the tips and tricks I have learned over the years!!!

Go to:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I closed my Ebay Store, but you can still find Magabys there!!!

OK, so I finally closed my Ebay store, but will continue to sell my products on 'fixed price' auctions. Like many people I have talked to lately, Ebay fees are just way too high:0 On top of ALL those fees, I could no longer afford to pay the monthly store fee as well. I felt that I could still sell my items successfully this way, as most of my sales come from auctions any way!! So basically, I was just fed up with all the fees!!! I would like to thank all my loyal customers and pray this will not affect the success of Magabys on Ebay.

Friday, December 5, 2008

GREAT finds on Mammalicious Finds

I found these adorable shoes by Polliwalks and they are doing a give away on Mammalicious Finds!! Go to : to see all the cute styles they offer!!!

This necklace is just so sweet! It is the 'Sweet Sister' and would make a perfect gift for any/all those wonderful sisters that get us through each day!!! To see all Lisa's great designs go to :

And be sure to stop by : to see ALL the great reviews and give aways!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Featured on Mammalicious!!!! Go there to enter my Give Away!!!

Featured on Mammalicious Finds

I am so excited about my very first review!!!! Go to to see the review by Amy at Mammalicious Finds. This is a great Blog for moms to find what the hip and happening fads are for your little ones. I am also having a Give Away on this Blog for a set of two Personalized Pacifier Clips...yes, completely FREE!!! But, you must first go to Mammalicious Blog and enter to be eligible; NO purchase required!!!! Thank you so much to Amy for doing my review and the sweet Feature you gave to Magabys Kid-ture.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Keep Nine 'Little Angels' Behaving Like Angels at Hoilday Get Togethers

So it was Thanksgiving at the In-Laws with aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, etc. It was a crowd, to say the least and 9 of the guests were our 'Precious Little Angels', all 6 years and under. What to do with this many little ones and still have time to converse with family you haven't spoken to in months??? Well, my MANIAC sister-in-law, Jody, bless her little fingers; decided to make each child a Gingerbread House, two Gingerbread trees and two Gingerbread Men a piece....from scratch. She and our husbands cousin, Kara, assembled each one and brought them to our Feast. I have to add that I haven't seen this much candy in a VERY long time. She also brought every candy, suitable for Gingerbread Houses, so they could decorate them. The kids LOVED IT!!!! They must have sat at that table for at least an hour without a peep!!! Except the occasional, "I need more candy canes, please", "more frosting(glue), please", etc. The 'Little Angels', so polite!! I know this sounds like a TON of work for mommy, Thank God, there are premade Gingerbread Houses that are just as effective:) Sadly, I didn't even notice how good all these 'Little Angels' were at the time until friends started commenting on my Facebook pics I had posted. How thoughtless of me to let this go unnoticed. I think I was so excited about having a conversation with a 'grown up' the obvious totally escaped me!! So I will take this RARE moment in time and savour it for a very long time!!!!! I am VERY Thankful for Jody this year....thanks sweetie!!!
Here are how some turned out:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My HOT Item: Personalized Pacifier Clip / Holder for Boys and Girls

Personalized Embroidered Pacifier Clips for Baby Boys and Girls!!!!
I love these little pacifier clips and have made a ton for my little boy, Zeke!!!
You never have to worry about losing those pacifiers when you are out and about or just hanging out at the house! I have tons of ribbon and font choices to choose from so every outfit can have a coordinating pacifier holder:) They are approximately 8 inches long with a metal clip(plastic inside to protect the clothes) and a coordinating metal snap to hold those binkys tight! Check them out at For one it is $8.99 OR choose three(3) for $25.00 plus shipping:)
These are really cute and machine washable too!!!
****MAM and Soothie attachments are available upon request, just let me know at checkout:)*****
For more examples go to:

Go to my shop to purchase:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sell Your Handmade Products on

I just found this site to sell your handmade products
This site is similar to Etsy or Ebay, but no listing fees! Here are some of what is on their site:

"One of the best ways we help make selling on ShopHandmade a rewarding experience is by offering you Fee Free Selling. Keep all of the profits. This is possible because we have sponsors that will pay the listing fees for you. We do charge a sales commission as well, but you pick the commission. It can be anything you desire. Pay us 0% if you wish, or pay us the same 12% that eBay charges. Or anything else....."

You have the option to donate any amount of your proceeds to help plant trees around the globe.
Go to their site for all the details!

I just opened a shop, so I will see how it goes:) Please leave comments if you have any experience with this site!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Free Shipping at for Black Friday!!!

Starting Friday, November 28th through Monday December 1st!!!

I am part of a great networking team on, Team EtsyBaby, where the members work together to promote each others products!! It is a great team and we are having a great promotion for Black Friday. Each shop will offer different specials and/or discounts for the sale. Magabys is offering Free Shipping on the items listed with the above logo, just look for it in my listings and write, "black friday free shipping" at checkout!! Just go to to find my shop as well as many others! There are some really great products you can find with great discounts!!! Hope you come by to visit!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Custom Baby Boy Appliqued Onesies

Original, cute baby boy clothes are hard to find because it is hard to come up with new ideas for boys. There is only so much you can do:) But here is one that I think everyone will like! Available now in my shop are these sweet little onesies with appliqued cars, airplanes, neck ties, etc. with lots of fabrics to choose from! Come check them out, they are super cute!!! They make great shower gifts or just something fun for your 'Little Man'!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Send a Soldier a Christmas Card this Year!!!!

I just got this email from a friend with the best idea!!! I had to share it with everyone:) Please read the following:

GREAT IDEA!! When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get.

When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following:

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
Washington,D.C. 20307-5001

What an easy thing for everyone to do to show we care for these men and women that so unselfishly give EVERYTHING for us!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kuddos to Ashley of HippoScraps Blog Design & more!!!

I am so excited about my new blog layout!!! Ashley of HippoScraps Designs is totally responsible!! She added the Motto to my logo and came up with the cute little lines and bubbles to pull it all together! She also made over my Etsy banner for my Etsy Shop!! I am so thankful I found her and just wanted to mention her great work on my blog! It was so much better than expected and so reasonably priced. Her button is on the main page here or you can go direct from the button I have attached below to her blog and find her there:) Thanks again Ashley!!! Feel free to post a comment about what you think:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

NEW Custom Boutique Holiday Set with Minky and Joel Dewberry Trimmings!!

I had to share this one, it is just too cute!! I actually made this because my girls wanted something cute for church today! So I grabbed some fabric that I have had for a while and threw this one together this weekend! I LOVE how it turned out and the pictures do not do justice to how cute it is on!!! I love to work with Minky, although a little difficult at times:), but it's so cute for Fall and Winter! The Joel Dewberry Red Damask fabric is too die for and so nicely done, so I had to add that for the holiday inspiration. You can't go wrong with red and black!! I think this will have to be the set they wear for our Christmas cards!!!

You can find this in my
Etsy Shop at:
OR Ebay Store at:

.....ON SALE NOW!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Won't Stuart Joy Go Home????

My wonderful husband has converted our garage into his very own Sports Room! Complete with three TV's(to watch games simultaneously), a custom pool table, a dart board, a refrigerator, a couch, a few chairs, foot stools, and bar chairs. Of course it is wall to wall with sports memorabilia. I wouldn't dream of complaining as I have taken over several rooms with my sewing stuff and he says nothing and even builds a few things for me to store my over flowing collection of fabric. It's a great place to have his friends over to watch the games while keeping the noise away from our sleeping babies. OK, so I do have one complaint...Stuart Joy just won't go home!!!! I don't understand as he has the SWEETEST wife at home, but he always ends up here for a game of Pool or to just sit his booty on the cute little IKEA couch to watch some Desperate Housewives, just kidding he watches E! News! Even when I come out there to spend a little quality time with my hubby and maybe watch a little History or Discovery Channel, there's Stuart saying, "wait a minute, don't change the channel, they're about to say something about the High School Musical cast!!!!". I thought this was supposed to be a 'sports room'??????? And I swear, If he defends Angelina Jolie one more time, I am going to call his wife and tell her. And he really doesn't want the wrath of his pregnant wife. I know I said she is sweet, but she is pregnant and you never know what those hormones will do to a woman. Anyway, if anyone has any advice on how I can get this person to stop coming by ALL the time, please let me know! Calling Mandy is really the last resort, but I will go there if I have too!! Oh, I also have to add, if he says one more thing about running and staying in shape, I am going to chase him around the block just to prove he can't make it more than three houses!!!
Love you Stu, see you on Sunday for the Cowboy game...if not before!!!! :)
PS..It's Friday night, 11:25pm, and he's still here!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why I Love and Some of My Favorite Shops

Find more photos like this on We Love Etsy
At Magaby's, and in my life, I believe that customer service is the number one priority to any business. If you put 110% into believing in and taking care of your customers, you can't go wrong. I want to know that when I make a purchase that it is made well and will perform like it is supposed too! I also strive to make products that are of the best quality possible and that my customers think so too. This is the attitude I have found at!
I have had the privilege of having an Etsy shop since April of 2008! I can't tell you how much I prefer Etsy over Ebay... While Ebay is a great place to sell your hand made original designs, I have found Etsy to be much more fun. Not only is it super easy and user friendly, the people here are so great!!! Everyone I have met there have been so good to me and willing to share any and all ideas on how to be successful! I started Magaby's just over a year ago, so I am still learning a lot and have found the best advise from other sellers here at Etsy. I think maybe because everyone here (sellers & buyers) also LOVE hand made creations and can appreciate the sweat and tears put into everyone else's work.
Some of the GREAT shops I have found: .....Stefanie is super nice and creates the cutest little custom bows. My favorite, so far, the Halloween Spider Clip...TDF!!! .....the BEST customer service I have found, Charlie is so on the ball selling a great variety of designer fabrics. Great prices and super fast delivery!! ....OK, Lara makes the cutest 'Initial bow holders' I have seen! It was so cute that when I got it for a gift for my cousin, I kept it for my Maggie and then bought another for my Abbey:) Don't worry, I had already made little Mikaela a bunch of clothes and other goodies!!
Not only do each of these shops have great products but outstanding customer service! Take a minute to check them out, you won't be disappointed!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 it out!!!

A friend of mine, Heather, just led me to this great little site/blog that allows mom-prenuers to advertise their creations!!! It was super easy to join and each advertisement only costs $5.45. I am anxious to see if I get any traffic from this:) They have everything from baby items, to jewelry, digital photo cards, custom clothes, books, etc....all hand made!! If you get a chance to check this out you ought too!!! Each advertisement links you to their, web site, shop, blog, etc. to find out how you can purchase their products!!!

Thanks to Heather Rice, creator of Faith Creations
**see her great stuff at:

Friday, November 7, 2008

3 Day Walk for the Cure ~ Dallas, Texas

Today my sister, RoxAnne, started the 3 Day Walk for the Cure! It is a 60 mile walk over 3 days to help raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness. November 7th is particularly special to us, in that it marks the 16th anniversary of our mothers passing from breast cancer. I miss my mother more than words can say! I think the worst part is that my children will never know what an amazing grandmother they missed out on! She truely was the most compassionate, kind person I have ever had the honor to know. I don't think I ever heard her say one bad thing about another person my whole life! She also had the patience of a Saint! Raising four children on her own, no child support, and on a waitress salary, she never complained once! And we were a handful to say the least!! I am sooooo proud of my sister and at the same time I am sad I can not be there with her! Although we did go to the cheering station to support her! What a crazy crowd that is!!! People, cars, vans & motorcycles were drenched in pink and there were plenty of bras everywhere! It was fun and uplifting and so wonderful to see so many people supporting this important cause! I will definitely be there next year! The kiddos won't be so little and I will...hopefully...have more time to train:)!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pediatric Chiropractors...maybe they can help you too, even if you think it's a little cooky!!

I have to say that I am one of the BIG skeptics of pediatric chiropractors...until now! There is a lot of info here, but I feel a little background is important, so I will try to touch on the big ones!!! To know this little girl is to love her...not only angelic looking, but the most angelic heart I have ever known!!!
Our little girl, 3 1/2 years, has been chronically ill since about 4 months old. She is our second child and have been told by our regular ped. that she was getting ill so often because we had an older child bringing things home! Which I never understood because I am a stay at home mom and none of my children have spent a day in child care??? She was at eh doctor about every three weeks her first two years! Besides chronic respiratory problems, our little girl has had a weight problem from 2 months old. She was 6 lbs. 7 oz. at birth and by 4 months she was 18 lbs. Not a cute rolly-polly, but an odd proportion! Now at 3 1/2 years she is 40 inches and 50 lbs....a lot of it looks like water retention as she can get very bloated looking often. I have to add that she has a great diet and I think I will knock the next doctor in the face(a little harsh) that tells me I need to change her diet. And then scream at them "she is NOT obese because of her diet!!!!!!!" So after 3 years of countless visits to allergists, endocrinologists, pulmanoligists(sp?), etc. and having them shove too many needles into her little body for blood tests to want to think about we still have no answers except the 'popular' diagnosis'...asthma, obesity, lung weakness(whatever that means)! But a mother's intuition knows when something is just not right and the diagnosis' are all so bogus and not researched by ANY means!! Can you tell I am bitter:) I'm so fed up with these doctors that claim to CARE but do absolutely NO 'out of the box thinking' NOR listen to a word we say! They just want to funnel our children through their offices as fast as they can to meet their over-head!! For example, our pediatrician told us when we lost our health insurance for 4 months because my husbands family business failed last year...too bad it's time for your childs well-checkup, it will cost you $350 for the visit! This was our ped. for 5 years, from day one of our first child, second and third!???? Very disappointed in the lack of compassion or loyalty. We didn't want a handout, but maybe a little understanding from someone who was SUPPOSED to care about our childrens well being! I really hate to do this, but I feel I need to...the Pediatrician is Dr. Stephen Crow of Richardson Pediatrics in Richardson, Texas. I really liked him and had many disagreements with my husband whom never cared for him!
So through just random conversations with a few people last month we decided to try a pediatric/family chiropractor. It has only been two weeks and we are already seeing a difference. Just Monday, Abbey had a runny nose that caused her to cough all night to the point that I had to hold her in my lap in a chair to sleep so that she get at least a few hours of sleep. She had an adjustment Mon. and Tues.(part of her scheduled treatment plan) and Wednesday the yuckies were gone! Believe me this is a huge deal for us. This would have been a runny nose that would have turned into a three week respiratory ordeal for us and probably ending in croup or something else that would have us in the ER because she couldn't breath. I will take an adjustment over pumping steroids into her body four times a day to avoid a bigger respiratory problem any day. So if it sounds a little cooky to you, well it did to us even more before we experienced it for ourselves!
The diagnosis from the chiropractor is/was that she has four organs that are not functioning like they should. Probably due to a traumatic birth, she was born with wet-lungs and in NICU for her first 36 hours! Amazingly these organs are the major ones that break down sugars in her body, making it almost impossible for her to digest properly. And because this is going on in her it puts her body into a very stressful state that causes her to be in a 'fight or flight' state. Thus causing massive amounts of serotonin to be produced making it difficult still to break down food. So now that we know that she has a weak immune system because her little organs are just not functioning properly, we will continue a two month program, of decreasing visits, to the chiropractor that will get these things back in line. I have to add also that these are not 'bone popping' chiropractors, but they take an applied kinesiology approach(muscle strength) and the energy your body uses. It really is quit interesting how it all works. I am no expert on the subject so you will have do some research of our own on the subject. I am just telling Our Story for the past three years and the Cliff Notes of a mother's frustration at doctors that don't listen and the endless nights on the internet trying to find answers!!!!! I wish I would have found someone a lot sooner to lead me in this direction, but thankful we are here now!!! I will be excited to update her progress in a few weeks to let anyone know what outcomes we experience. I pray this may help someone in the same situation!! The doctor's are Rachel and Darrell Lomonaco of Lewisville, Texas...if anyone wanted to know!!! Really sweet, Godly people!

Super cute Christmas/Holiday outfits now available!!

I'm a little late on listing my holiday line, but it is really cute and hope it gets some traffic to my shop!! I love to work with minky fabrics and they make the cutest skirts, pants, etc for fall and winter. You can preview some of the designs below or go to My designs are also available for discounted prices when buying me for more info!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Custom Boutique Halloween Outfits ON SALE NOW

There is not much time left to get that super cute Halloween outfit for your stylish little ones! Visit for one of a kind custom Halloween sets! I have two Hello Kitty Halloween outfits to choose from and they are on sale right now. It will take a couple of weeks for delivery because these are completely custom and will not be cut until they are ordered!! Look below at my previous blogs for sneak peek pics of the dress and skirt/corset sets!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Personalized Monogrammed Baby Gifts

I have lots of unique baby gifts in my Etsy and Ebay stores for you to choose from.  Come check them out at
Buy Handmade

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

7 years and no itching!!!

Today, September 8th, my husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary!!!  To be completely honest, we can bug the c**p out of one another, but it's a bug I would never exterminate;)  He is the most supportive and kind person I know and loves his family more than I ever dreamed!  I didn't know men like him existed anymore!  Plus he let's me take over rooms in the house with all my sewing stuff:)  He still gets the little closet, I wouldn't dream of taking that from him...not yet anyway!  We went to the mall and got each other gifts, mine was much more expensive, funny how that works out!  And then to a great Italian restaurant in Dallas, Rocco's on McKinney Ave .  It was  the BEST pizza, but they have a great variety of other favorites.  It is BYOB with a great wine store 30 feet away, Vino 100.  So we toasted our 7 years with pizza and wine, which was pretty fitting because we honeymooned in Italy!  Great night, Great 7 years!  Looking forward to a lifetime with the greatest guy alive!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

How much fabric should I buy!

I am starting to make a couple of new outfits and just cant seem to decide the amount of fabric I should buy.  I don't want to buy too little and then not have enough to fill orders.  but I don't want to have an abundance of left overs.  I suppose I could just sell what I don't use???  Oh what to do???  Just one of the little dilemmas that go in circles in my head:)  I guess I will just get too much to be safe!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Custom Boutique Halloween Outfits for Girls

Well, here I go, my very first Blog!

Magabys Kid-ture has just listed our 2008 Boutique Halloween outfits for little girls, sizes 3t-6(or bigger if you need)! There is tons of detail and two different styles available. The first is a sweet little corset top, over a peasant top with a double layered swing skirt. This is really two outfits in one!!! The other is a cute little European styled dress with tons of detail. These are just must haves for Halloween. Every seam is serged and top stitched. I try to pay very close attention the the smallest detail for the upmost quality. Come check them out at Plus, you can see all the great baby items and personalized gifts I offer as well!