Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why I Love and Some of My Favorite Shops

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At Magaby's, and in my life, I believe that customer service is the number one priority to any business. If you put 110% into believing in and taking care of your customers, you can't go wrong. I want to know that when I make a purchase that it is made well and will perform like it is supposed too! I also strive to make products that are of the best quality possible and that my customers think so too. This is the attitude I have found at!
I have had the privilege of having an Etsy shop since April of 2008! I can't tell you how much I prefer Etsy over Ebay... While Ebay is a great place to sell your hand made original designs, I have found Etsy to be much more fun. Not only is it super easy and user friendly, the people here are so great!!! Everyone I have met there have been so good to me and willing to share any and all ideas on how to be successful! I started Magaby's just over a year ago, so I am still learning a lot and have found the best advise from other sellers here at Etsy. I think maybe because everyone here (sellers & buyers) also LOVE hand made creations and can appreciate the sweat and tears put into everyone else's work.
Some of the GREAT shops I have found: .....Stefanie is super nice and creates the cutest little custom bows. My favorite, so far, the Halloween Spider Clip...TDF!!! .....the BEST customer service I have found, Charlie is so on the ball selling a great variety of designer fabrics. Great prices and super fast delivery!! ....OK, Lara makes the cutest 'Initial bow holders' I have seen! It was so cute that when I got it for a gift for my cousin, I kept it for my Maggie and then bought another for my Abbey:) Don't worry, I had already made little Mikaela a bunch of clothes and other goodies!!
Not only do each of these shops have great products but outstanding customer service! Take a minute to check them out, you won't be disappointed!!!

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