Monday, November 24, 2008

Sell Your Handmade Products on

I just found this site to sell your handmade products
This site is similar to Etsy or Ebay, but no listing fees! Here are some of what is on their site:

"One of the best ways we help make selling on ShopHandmade a rewarding experience is by offering you Fee Free Selling. Keep all of the profits. This is possible because we have sponsors that will pay the listing fees for you. We do charge a sales commission as well, but you pick the commission. It can be anything you desire. Pay us 0% if you wish, or pay us the same 12% that eBay charges. Or anything else....."

You have the option to donate any amount of your proceeds to help plant trees around the globe.
Go to their site for all the details!

I just opened a shop, so I will see how it goes:) Please leave comments if you have any experience with this site!!!


sop said... provides an O.K. layout. However the seller tools are very poorly done and continually have errors.

Furthermore, they mislead sellers by showing their products in "featured" section when in reality the only one seeing that product is you....

They track you via cookie and when they know you're on site they load your products into featured section. When you have logged out and your session is clear (you don't see the my account) your items will not show up in featured products. A totally shady programing technique that is purely coded to deceive it's sellers.

Miranda said...

Thank you so much for your input! I have not had any luck, personally on this site. I have only sold two pacifier clips in the several months I have had my shop.