Monday, December 22, 2008

The Final BOO HOO at Texas Stadium

It was the final game to ever be played at Texas Stadium and the Cowboys couldn't pull out a win???? What is that all about? "America's Team" was a big disappointment Saturday night, but we had a blast being 'papparazzi'!! My father-in-law has/had a Suite at the stadium since the 70's and we have had many great memories cheering on the 'Boys!!! But Saturday night was even better with all the 'Great Cowboys' and some 'Star Power' as well roaming the halls!! We were like kids in the candy store, especially my husband who grew up LOVING these guys!!! Although we were sad about the loss, we had a GREAT farewell!!!

Some of my Favs: David(my hubby), Jeff Rohrer and Owen Wilson; David, me, Pat Summerall and Cherri Summerall; David, me and Bill Bates; David, me and Billy Joe Dupree!!! My father-in-law is friends with some pretty cool 'Cowboy Greats' that we had the honor to hang out with on Saturday!!!

Good Bye to Texas Stadium....may God watch over His favorite team in the new stadium as He has all these years through 'the hole in the roof" at Texas Stadium:) If you're a FAN, you know what I mean:)

A special Thank You to the family of Stuart Joy.....Stu, you know what I mean:)

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