Saturday, June 13, 2009

Magaby's will no longer be found on Ebay

I finally did it......I stopped selling on Ebay! I closed my store on Ebay several months ago because the fees are just ridculous and today I decided to cancel all active listings. Why, you ask! Well, I received an email from Ebay stating that a few of my listings were taken down because I violated their listing laws/rules. I read further and it said that I unlawfully represented, in my listings, Gerber products. I was dumbfounded as I have NEVER used a Gerber product EVER!!!!! First of all, I have Magaby's labels in all my creations and second of all Gerber is not the quality I would sell to my customers. You would think if Ebay were so quick to cancel listings that I have paid for, they would at least make sure the alligations are true! BTW~Alligations supposedly came from Gerber.
I am going to miss my sweet customers from Ebay! Thanks for the fun adventure!!!

You can always find us at

***Gerber is not bad quality, I just choose to use a wholesale brand that I feel is much nicer....

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