Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great Article I found on How To Market Your Handmade Crafts

I found this great article, well list, of the top things you should do when selling or marketing your handmade crafts!!! This is from posted by Dee of

Be sure to check this out before you spend lots of money and time on books! These are really the high points to marketing your handmade carfts!!!

I would also add to this list to join Flickr and post a picture of every creation you have or will create. You can join groups on Flickr for just about anything which you can post your pictures that also helps market your craft. I can't tell you how much traffic I have gotten just from organizing my photos on Flickr. ***I didn't even know this would happen, I just needed somewhere safe to keep them:) PLEASE NOTE***** It is free to keep your photos on Flickr UP TO 250 pictures, it then cost around $25 a year to post more; but I have made that back in the first two months!!!
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Ethnic Cuddles said...

Thank you for the great helpful links. I'll be trying to join flickr this weekend. I absolutely LOVE your blog.

Miranda said...

Thank you so much:) You should really check it out, I can't tell you what a great marketing tool it is! I just got a $100+ order from Flickr yesterday:)!!

Miranda said...

And thanks for your order:) I can't wait to see your listings! You will have to let me know when they are up!