Friday, October 16, 2009

Custom Boutique Minnie Mouse Halter and Twirl Skirt Set AND Coordinating Halter Dress

Her are two really cute outfits perfect for that dream vacation to Disney World or Disney Land!! There's nothing cuter than having 'your' little Minnie meet Minnie Mouse in either of these outfits!! Appliqued Minnie faces and names embroidered in Disney Font can be added!!
Custom Minnie Halter Top w/ Twirl Skirt
This bow is removable, so you can put it wherever you like it best
or take it of all together!!!
***custom coordinating diaper/panty cover is also available
to wear under this skirt*****
I always have and still do LOVE to coordinate my little girls clothes! We even coordinate with our cousins!!! So I had to include a little coordinating dress for the Minnie Collection:)

Minnie Halter Dress w/ Neck Tie

***personalization and minnie face available on this dress as well
***coordinating diaper/panty covers are also available

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