Thursday, August 13, 2009

My baby had his first hair cut:(

Zeke sat very still for his first haircut, I was told. Unfortunately, I was busy with his sisters and didn't have a chance to get any pictures of daddy actually cutting! But I did manage to salvage a lock of hair for the scrapbook. I suppose the sitting still, for the entire ten minutes this took, was more than little Zeker could bear. As I had to chase him around the kitchen, into the pantry, into the refridgerator and around the kitchen once more, just to get this one shot! I was a little shocked because he is usually all smiles and poses when he sees the camera come out...little ham!!
It's hard to tell, but he actually got about two inches cut off. (It was a bit of a mullet:))
So here is to the LAST 'First Hair Cut' for the Dodsons!!! Another bittersweet little milestone as my babies keep growing up on me!
Daddy didn't do too bad!!

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