Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maggie's First U6 Soccer Game....and she scored!!!

It was a very chilly morning here in the 'Big D', by that I mean it was like 45-50 degrees and extremely windy and NO sunshine...BURRR!!!! :) ......Hey, to us, that's chilly!!!

Anyway, it was Maggie's very first soccer game and we of course were all there to support her in team colors and all. Her team is the RockStars, in hot pink and black...too cute. She of course had to have a pink ball, pink shin guards and pink cleats!!! Actually a fun shopping experience...we didn't have all this when I was little!!

She was a little nervous when she woke up, but very excited to get there and start playing. Of course being a 'first timer' we were a little late due to, what seemed like hundreds of teams, playing at this sports complex and how easy you can get lost!! You think two adults could pull it would think!!! Note to time have the coaches number in your cell!!!!! Just so we don't sound like complete nuckle-heads, she did just join the team two days ago:)

So as we sat there FREEZING to death, I watched these little 5/6 year-old girls play soccer with some skill!!! I was very impressed with their ball control and aggression. They all wanted to do well and PLAY!! When I was that age I remember kicking dirt on the field and talking with my friends while we were supposed to be playing.

I did sadly miss my baby girls first goal:( I had to take the two little ones to the park so their blood could circulate and their frozen fingers would thaw!! I'm telling you it was cold, especially after a week of 70 degree weather!
Here's the pic of (just after) her goal....our dinky camera has slow shutter speed:(

Although they don't technically keep score for this age group...the RockStars won 11-2!!!!

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