Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why you don't leave your make-up bag in reach of children!!!

My sweet little Abbey has me laughing everyday, especially yesterday when my husband came to with my make-up bag in his hand and a wad of tissues. As we walked towards the bedroom, he was making sure that nothing was missing or out of place as he had tried his best to clean up the powders, creams and pencils. As we entered the room where Abbey was sitting singing songs to her stuffed kitty, Pearly, David lastly told me that she had already been disciplined. I truly was ready to let her have the 'very firm' lecture of how she is NEVER to play with mommies' make-up when she looked up at me with her sweet smile....there was NO WAY I could hold the laughter back. I really did try to compose myself for the lecture, but there was no use. So we had a good laugh and lots of hugs and kisses instead!

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