Friday, December 25, 2009

Some fun stuff we made for Christmas:)

I think everyone is feeling a little bit of the bad economy, so this year we decided to be crafty for Christmas!!! Here are a few of the little things we made for the ones we love!!!!
Cupcake Scrabble Tile Pendants!!!

Cupcake bottle cap pendants for Cousins Whitney & Zoe!!
***Aunt Jody, their mommy, makes the best cup cakes!!!

Fun magnets for our fridge!!!

Texas Longhorn Magnets for Cousin Pressley!!!

We made these little Snowmen ornaments for Maggie's classmates for Christmas:)
On the back had each child's name; I think they all liked them!!!
*****all these ideas came from Googling ideas and how to's!!! Don't pay for any of these ideas 'how to's'; always Google 'FREE' with what you are looking up OR click on 'videos' or 'images' in the upper left corner!!!! There are TONS of free craft ideas out there!!!!

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