Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Magaby's is honored to be part of 'Blogger's Give'

Bloggers GiveAs many of you know, Magaby's was Featured on a few months ago. Well, I was contacted by Jessica, at MomFuse, recently to be part of Blogger's Give. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to donate a sweet little outfit in hopes it can bring at least a few dollars to their cause. For the next few months Blogger's Give will be working with The Center for Courageous Kids. Here is a little of what B.G. has to say about their latest endeavor:
'When we talked to The Center for Courageous Kids, we knew we had the right spot. As I talked to their director, I saw their vision and their unique camp that changes year round to specialize in different disabilities and medical conditions. This camp is a way for kids to forget about their situations for one week, and for their parents to connect with like parents of children going through the same hardships. They also keep a full medical facility on hand that specializes in the condition the children have, but the doctors wear Hawaiian shirts and hang out with the kids…they are not just ‘more doctors’. The facility also has a helipad, should the need arise, and full access to hospitals.'
Please go to their site to read more and see how you can help out these great kids!!! I think there are many ways to be involved so go check it out!!!

'Bloggers Give was sparked by being a blogger. I love charity and I feel that bloggers have an untapped way to make a true difference.
If you have ever worked on a project where you solicited donations, you know how hard it can be to get companies to donate. There are grants, there is legal approval. All in all, there is a ton of work to be done and many, many times you are shot down before you have your foot in the door.
But everyday bloggers receive products all over the ‘net to test and to give away in small quantities, without a second thought.
Thus, Bloggers Give was born.'

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